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Non-Surgical Hair Regrowth

A discussion of the current state of non-surgical hair regrowth.

The discussion of hair loss in medical literature dates back to ancient times. One of the earliest known references is found in the Ebers Papyrus, an Egyptian medical document dating to around 1550 BC. It contains prescriptions and remedies for various ailments, including hair loss.

You may be wondering what their ‘solution’ was at that time. From opium to pigeon droppings, the lengths people have gone to try and regrow their hair was not so dissimilar to people today.

Thankfully, our understanding of hair loss has come a long way since then. But that’s a double edged sword. Although there’s a vast amount of research and information available online about the seemingly infinite ways to treat hair loss, many of these ‘treatments’ are unfortunately ineffective. 

We’ve seen time and time again, patients who come and visit us and they say that everything they’ve tried has not worked, and they’re hesitant to even try our recommendations because of it. 


We understand, and that’s the problems we strive to solve. We’re here to educate, and then guide you through the effective treatment methods and stay involved with you for the long run. 

Differential diagnosis: Androgenic Hair Loss
Treatment: Summit Regrowth™ Package + Hormonal Balance Support™ Package
  •  6 Sessions of PRP(5x Concentration) using the U225 Mesotherapy Device 
  • 8 Sessions of Microneedling with SkinPen 
  • 3 Booster PRF Sessions 
  • Custom-made topical formulation 
Hormonal Balance Support™ :
  • Comprehensive hormonal panel test 
  • Customized dietary plan for hormonal balance 
  • 6 sessions of personalized IV therapy to support hormone regulation 
  • Stress Management: 1-on-1 consultation with our Naturopathic Doctor for stress management techniques 4 sessions of Acupuncture for relaxation and stress reduction


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