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Lip Flip: Enhance Your Smile Effortlessly


What is a Lip Flip?

A lip flip is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses injections to subtly enhance the appearance of the upper lip. By relaxing the muscles around the upper lip, this treatment allows the lip to gently roll outward, creating the illusion of a fuller and more balanced smile. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a subtle improvement without the need for more invasive procedures.



The Benefits of a Lip Flip

There are several advantages to choosing a lip flip for enhancing your smile:

  • Quick and minimally invasive procedure
  • Subtle, natural-looking results
  • Short recovery time with minimal side effects
  • Less expensive than other options
  • Temporary results, allowing for adjustments as desired

How Does a Lip Flip Work?

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The lip flip procedure involves using a purified protein that works by temporarily blocking nerve signals to the targeted muscles, causing them to relax. In the case of a lip flip, the protein is injected into the orbicularis oris muscle, which controls the movement of the upper lip. This relaxation allows the lip to roll slightly upward, giving the appearance of a fuller and more defined upper lip. 

Since the injections are in the lip’s Cupid’s bow, the upper lips lifts upwards and also outward (imagine raising your upper lip and pulling it outward slightly). You can actually try this at home to get an idea about what your lips would look like after a Lip Flip: Lift your upper lips up and out with your index finger and thumb.  Are you interested to read more about lip flips? Then click here. 

How much does Lip Flip Cost?

Lip Flip is known as one of the most affordable cosmetic procedures for lip enhancement. Get your lip flip for $195. Click the book online button below to find out if you are a good candidate. 

How much does it cost?

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