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Your Journey to Understanding Hair Loss Begins Here

Patient undergoing hair-analysis for hair-loss

At Cosmetic Club MD, we believe the first step to effectively addressing hair loss is a comprehensive hair analysis. Under the expertise of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Eli Akbari, MD, FRCSC, with her 12 years of pioneering experience, we guide you through a unique process to uncover the root cause of your hair loss.

What is a Hair Analysis?

Step 1: Reviewing Your Medical History

During your consultation, Dr. Akbari will meticulously go through your medical history. She will evaluate factors such as the pattern of hair loss, family history of hair loss, and the onset of hair loss. Additionally, she will gather information about your diet, health conditions, stress levels, and other factors that could contribute to hair loss.


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Step 2: Live HD Trichoscopy Examination

Next, she uses a trichoscope. This advanced device provides a clear, magnified view of your hair follicles, hair strands, and scalp. It projects live images onto a screen, enabling Dr. Akbari to assess the condition of your hair and scalp. This examination helps us make an accurate diagnosis based on the health of your hair follicles, individual hair strand thickness, and scalp health.

Trichoscopy Image from our HD trichoscope

Step 3: Blood Test

To make sure we identify all potential hair loss factors, we also conduct a blood test. This test checks for micronutrient, mineral, and hormone abnormalities that could be contributing to hair loss. Our North Vancouver clinic tests up to 40 parameters in your blood for the hair loss assessment.


Step 4: Scalp Analysis and pH Testing

Did you know your body’s pH balance can impact various organ systems, including the scalp and hair growth? An imbalance in scalp pH might contribute to hair loss. That’s why we perform scalp pH testing specifically designed for hair loss. Our non-invasive pH probes provide real-time measurements of your scalp’s pH levels.

Early detection of hair-loss in Vancouver

Step 5: Personalized Treatment Plan

Finally, after analyzing the results, Dr. Akbari will create a customized hair loss treatment plan for you. This plan will address the root cause of your hair loss. 

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Why Choose Us?
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  • Our Medical Director: Dr. Eli Akbari, MD, FRCSC, a world renowned Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon is with you every step of the way. Her expertise, personalized plans, and commitment to excellence ensure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. 
  • Results: Our gallery of before-and-after stories speak for itself. You’re invited to join the ranks of our satisfied patients. 
  • Commitment to Safety: Our commitment to safety is reflected in our achievement of the highest standards of sterility, comparable to those of a Surgical Operating Theatre.
  • Our Skilled Team: Our laser technicians and nurses are not just qualified; they’re chosen for their exceptional skills and dedication. Handpicked by Dr. Akbari, they represent the best in the field.

Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Hair-loss

Our hair-loss blood test is amongst the most comprehensive in Vancouver. 

We test for: 

– Hormones: Prolactin, Testosterone, DHEA, luteinizing hormone and follicular stimulating hormone 

– Thyroid level test: T3, T4, and TSH 

– Serum iron and ferritin

– Complete blood count (CBC). 

– Calcium, Serum Phosphorus, Serum Testosterone Total

The blood test does not have an additional cost in most cases, and is included as part of your hair analysis. 

We are the only clinic in Vancouver to offer a comprehensive hair analysis with live HD trichoscopy. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, we tailor our hair-loss treatment to meet your unique needs. So at our clinics you will have your hair-loss analysis performed using the latest technology and science. 

You can schedule a hair analysis at our clinic during your lunch break! It takes just 15-30 minutes to complete. It’s completely painless, quick, informative and comprehensive. Additionally, you get to see your scalp and hair follicles in our big-screen, with high-definition trichoscopy. 

A Hair Analysis will help find out if your goals are achievable, and if you are a good candidate

for hair regrowth treatments. While each person responds differently to hair loss treatments, we aim to give you the best results possible.

Dr. Akbari will schedule a follow-up plan to track your progress and modify the hair regrowth treatment as necessary. We will repeat the hair analysis and give you a report that shows your hair count, and photos to view your hair regrowth.

Consultations are done by Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Eli Akbari, MD, FRCSC

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